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Nothing short of a rock star in Japan, Yoji Beiomehanika is widely regarded as the ‘King of Hard Dance’. One of the hottest DJs going around on the planet, he can be described as the Japanese lord of NRG or Nu-NRG Master. A flamboyant showman, his music style includes Hard Trance and Hard Trance. His melodic sounds and pumpin’ grooves can change any venue into a dance floor, such is the energy.

A creative genius this guy has been an influence on many other aspiring DJs, world over. Yoji original songs have been smash hits in Europe like elsewhere. ‘Hellhouse’ is the name of his own label in UK for instance, which released the title ‘Go Mad’. This track got him rave reviews on what went on to be known as ‘Yoji’s style hoover’.

His second release ‘Seduction’ a melodic trance which went on to become an IBIZA anthem showcases this man’s versatility. Yoji is the main act in parties at home in Japan including ‘Viva’, held at the world famous Liquid Room. He has also featured in the line up of the ‘Dance Valley Festival’ in Amsterdam for 2000 and 2001. He has also been part of parties in hard Dance scene such as, ‘Fevah’ in Astoria, ‘Logic’, to name only two. In fact he has become a regular in the UK hard Dance scene.

A producer of great skills, Yoji has been instrumental in creating the new sound of Hard Dance. He is the probably one of the best selling producers of this genre. One need not look further than the massive singles ‘Ding a Ling’, ‘Look in the heaven’, ‘A Theme from BanginGlobe’ and ‘Hard House Raver’, to gauge his influence on the Trance/Hard Dance scene. His recent ‘Never End’ has been charted number one in the BBC/DMC charts. Belt it out Yoji, belt it out Hard!

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  • Yoji Biomehanika - Trance Music DJ
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