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Check this out guys; DJ Dero with his ‘electro-samba’ is here. Coming from Argentina, DJ Dero is one of the most prolific dance-pop DJ/producers of South America. This 36 year old DJ has been rocking parties since the age of 13. He first started behind the decks in a discotheque called ‘Airport’ after which he was signed up as a resident in the best club in Buenos Aires, ‘New York City’. Dero became something of a local pop star and soon released his first record in 1992 titled ‘DJ Dero Volumen 1’, which sold platinum in Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, and Colombia.

DJ Dero was soon happening and shifted residence to ‘El Cielo’, Buenos Aires biggest club. His records ‘DJ Dero Volumen 2’ and ‘DJ Dero Volumen 3’ smashed local sales charts and went on to top charts in several countries including Germany, Mexico, Spain, France, and Portugal to name only a few. With mega hit singles ‘La Campana’ and ‘Batucada’, Dero had come to conquer the world stage. Billboard Mag and D-mode Mag chose him for three consecutive years as the ‘Best DJ in South America’. His next release ‘DJ Dero Volumen 4’ with the mega hit single ‘The Horn’ (El Tren) with videos filmed in Tokyo during his first Asian tour topped charts in several countries and made him a Latin American cult star.

His incredible ability to connect with people saw him being invited to play in the famous Berlin Love Parade during his 1998 world tour, where he was the only South American DJ to participate. A one million strong crowd lapped it up and went gaga over Dero.

1999 saw him being invited again with the honor of creating a version of the official anthem ‘Music is the Key’. His spectacular success continued with his following album ‘DJ Dero Millennium 5’. The very same year Dero played in front of a frenzied audience of 200,000 people live in his hometown, Buenos Aires. He joined hands with dance label Strictly Rhythm and produced smash hits ‘Euforia’ and ‘Mayday’, part of his latest album ‘DJ Dero 6 Euforia’, which released in March 2000 at the Winter Music Conference in Miami in 2000. Later that year he played at the Mayday Festival in Dortmund, Germany, enthralling 30,000 people with the Mayday track he had co-produced with Germany’s living legend Westbam, taking electro samba to another level. His techno-electro beats and percussion were a rage across dance floors around the world.

The year 2001 saw him release ‘Tuk Tak’, with the video being filmed for this single on the island of Ibiza in the club ‘Eden’ during the Judge Jules famous Judgment Sundays. The track was released among others by Serious/Universal in USA and Scorpio Music in France. 2002 saw DJ Dero in full swing with his ‘Electrolatino’ with mega hit singles like ‘Revolution 03’ remixed by ‘Buenos Aires 07’ and Robbie Rivera. He toured extensively during the release of his next album ‘Revolution 07’ in 2003 with gigs all around Europe and South America.

The second half of 2005 saw Dero come up with ‘South American Techno’ with trademark DJ Dero sounds with hits like ‘Dero’s Illusion’, released by Sublimal Records. Tune in to DJ Dero every Friday, 1 to 4 pm and Saturday’s, 1 to 4 am at D’Mode Radio in FM X4 104.3 with his signature style radio show ‘South American Techno’. Music never sounded so cool.

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