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The very name, Chicane is enough to set dance floors rocking. Chicane is the pseudonym of UK based Nick Bracegirdle, not that you didn’t know. Well after the smash hit ‘Don’t give up’ which featured vocals by long time friend Bryan Adams, he is a household name. Amiable and laid back Nick’s demeanor is far from that of a diamond encrusted pop star.

The collection of sports cars in his garage is a give away though. Yes, this guy has an Audi RS4 as well as a Ferrari 355, in his collection! Trappings of success, you may say and boy has he enjoyed success or what. Nick’s single ‘Offshore’ an Ibiza dance anthem was a sell out featuring thousands of compilations in both chill-out and dance form. And how can one not remember his fast paced ‘halcyon’ and the melodious ‘Love on the Run’ which featured the vocals of Peter Cunnah of D: Ream fame.

Nick also works solo under the alias ‘Disco Citizens,’ although these projects don’t usually get the same airplay as the more radio-friendly Chicane. Chicane is also credited with a number of remixes such as ‘Everything but the girl’ and ‘Enigma.’ And as video game junkies would know he has also composed music for the Play Station game ‘Formula One.’

With such variety, what is in store for Chicane aficionados? Well the master has been quoted saying "I'd like to do even more song-based material, less instrumental stuff. I'd love to work with Trevor Horn or Brian Eno. And vocally, I'd go for someone folky like Tori Amos or Suzanne Vega." Hey you guys out there, are you listening?

His latest music reflects a new kind of maturity. Don’t worry folks; he hasn’t left ‘dance.’ He has kind of moved on, where everyone from composers to clubbers to pop fans appreciate his work. Now that’s great news for Chicane buffs.

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