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Yo Rank 1 - Wass Up - One of our Favorite DJ's, Plays often with DJ Joop, Trance Energy, Club Noa Baby, go Amsterdam DJ!

Rank 1 consists of Piet Bervoets and Benno de Goeij from Netherlands. They met up in 1997 during a party. They quickly found out about their common passion for music. Benno didn’t have any experience in production till then, but he had an ear for melodies. This was because of his experience in playing piano and keyboard, right from a young age. His classical music background helped them in the long run. They decided to bunch together and released their initial tracks under the name Pedro and Benno. They hit big time soon and were much sought after. In fact, DJs like Ferry Corsten and Jean asked them to remix some of their tracks.

It was during Innercity, Holland’s biggest indoor dance party, that they gained international stardom. Their remix of Cygnus X’s ‘Superstring’, was lapped up by frenzied fans that ended up asking for more of Rank 1. Their infectious energy and turntable skills made them instant stars. The very image of the duo playing in front of packed crowds in the famous Amsterdam Arena Stadium is enough to send pulses racing. Those images have been forever associated with Rank 1 in far of USA, Japan, and other parts of Asia and Africa.

Their single ‘Such Is Life’ released in 2001 sold like hot cakes. The track climbed charts every where it got released. Their live performance at Trance Energy 2002 was released as a DVD before their much awaited single ‘Awakening’, topped the European charts.

The 2003 was a busy one for the duo with their release of smash hit ‘Breathing’. While Benno could be found in the studios exploring new music, Piet travels around the world for their Rank 1 DJ sets. A fantastic duo, creating fabulous dance music. Airwave, their biggest hit should definitely be purchased and played at full volume, this was a major hit throughout the trance nightclubs and venues worldwide.

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