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Armin van Buuren has been setting standards in the trance music scene for long now. Born on December 25th, 1976, this DJ cum producer from Leiden, Netherlands was a music fanatic from a young age. His father was his inspiration. Aged fourteen, he bought his first sampler and along with his synthesizer began to make music.

May 2007 - Armin van Buuren includes Trance Elements Trance DJ Bruce Cullen in the celebration of his 300th Radio Show "A State of Trance" also known as "ASOT"; episode 300.

He was deeply influenced by the music of Holland’s legends like Jean Michel Jaree and Ben Leibrand. Leibrand in fact put him through paces as far as mixing was concerned. He was soon doing gigs at local clubs and gained a permanent residency in a club called Nexus when he had just finished high school and joined university to study law in 1995. He set up his own studio and then followed a series of hits like ‘Touch Me’ and ‘Communication’, among others. His restless nature meant that he was never satisfied with a single genre and always experimented for that varied feeling. He has been often quoted as saying ‘Don’t be a prisoner of your own style’, which aptly describes his passion for more euphoric and uplifting style, every time he sits down to make music.

This versatile artist is a student, producer, and DJ all at the same time. He enjoys his work and that shows through in his compilations. He is the popular host of the trance show ‘A State of Trance’. The long running show completed its 250th show in 2006 and has been on air, believe it or not, for the past five years!

His re mixing skills too are in great demand and his high profile re mixes of Madison Avenue’s ‘Don’t Call Me Baby’ and Wamdue Project’s ‘King of my Castle’, are both critically acclaimed. He was placed #5 on the DJ Mags top 100 in 2002. This passionate DJ also has the worldwide record for the longest DJ set, twelve and a half hours in the club called Hague, in fact. An amazing person, a great DJ.

Recent Armin van Buuren Discography

July 5, 2012: With 18 Million Listening in to A State oF Trance 2012
July 5, 2012: Armin van Buuren Featuring Ana Criado - Suddenly Summer
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