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I want to thank everyone who has assisted me along the decades in this industry. I have travelled allover the globe to meet and greet producers, promoters, fans and its been quite a story, I will try to update many of you on these adventures right here on the download pages to my now weekly Concoction series by myself Bruce Cullen. I now have a fan base of over 250 million and growing strong. As I am now putting out tracks and working hard on productions I want to share the dirty stories behind the industry... lol, don't worry I wont report any personal identifiable information. Concoction mixes take me about 12 hours of work to produce a 1 hour show. I do not just throw things together like many others out there, much time goes into track selection and even mastering the final recording to place up on sites like Trance.Fm, iHeartRadio, Electric Sound Stage Radio and more. Stay tuned folks! Much much more electronic dance music and trance and techno mixes to come.

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